The Autism iceberg

The whole spectrum including Asperger Syndrome
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The Autism iceberg

Post by Selene310187 »

I've found this iceberg on Reddit and can relate a lot to the things which are mentioned in the "What Autism Really Is" part, especially the sleeping issues, auditory processing disorder and difficulty with change.

Source: ... rs_for_me/

I agree that it should be labeled "This is what Autism can be" instead as a user on Reddit had said. Because every person with Autism experiences Autism differently. There's the saying "when you meet one person with Autism, you've met one person with Autism".

About iceberg charts
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Re: The Autism iceberg

Post by Avrie »

It's spooky that I can personally relate to about half of what's 'under the surface'. I see what you mean. All of us have differing relative amounts of all of them. And we've learned to cope with it in just as many different ways.
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