Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name "Modding on the Spectrum" mean?
The word modding can stand for using mods and for creating video game mods. The word spectrum initially referred to the colorful spectrum of neurodiversity only which is represented by the rainbow-colored infinity sign. Now it refers to life as well, because life is a spectrum, too:
Life is a spectrum with extremes at either end, and in the middle, there is balance. The experience of life has the potential to be whatever we make of it.

What is the goal and purpose of this forum?
Our long-term goal is bringing neurodiversity and modding, and respectively gaming, closer together.

Gathering people who share their ideas, knowledge or problems without feeling judged for their individual conditions is the main purpose of Modding on the Spectrum.

What kinds of topics are discussed?
Our everyday topics:
We talk about mods and gaming for example. Members can link to their own mods or share links to mods on other sites.

Our special topics:
Neurodiversity and mental health.

Do I need to be a member to write posts?
No. You can write anonymous posts as guest. See the guest posting announcement for more information.

What are the benefits of being a member?
Once you have signed up, you have access to additional features such as definable avatar images, changing user preferences and settings via the User Control Panel, liking a post (thumbs up button), uploading attachments, your personal user gallery, private messaging, emailing of fellow users and more.

How can I sign up and are there any costs?
Signing up is free of charge. After you have clicked on Register and accepted the forum's terms, you are given two possibilities to register. The first one is via social network accounts like Google or Steam using the OneAll social login service and the other one via the forum's own registration system. I explained the two variants in more detail here.

Where I can find further sources of information?
If you want to know more about the forum structure and the target group for example, see the About Modding on the Spectrum thread.

All questions related to registration, user preferences and settings, text formatting, etc., can be found in the default FAQ.

There's also the User Guide which explains how to get started in the forum (writing your first posts).

I have a question which is not covered in the FAQ yet. How can I contact the admin?
You can me a message via the contact form. One alternative way to message me is via my Nexus Mods profile. I listed more options to contact me on my Twitter profile (see pinned tweet). Additionally, you can ask your question here.

Last updated by Selene310187 on May 17, 2023