List of Feel Good Activities

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List of Feel Good Activities

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Things you can do to brighten your mood:
  • listen to music (e.g. streaming, radio, CDs, vinyl, mp3s, …)
  • listen to an audio drama
  • read books and magazines
  • go for a stroll
  • observe nature (e.g. in parks and forests or in your immediate vicinity)
  • cooking, baking or grilling
  • eat in a restaurant
  • sunbath
  • dance
  • bicycle
  • swimming
  • visit a museum and an exhibition
  • watch a movie (at home or in the cinema)
  • watch a series
  • play card games and board games with friends and family
  • do handicrafts
  • play an instrument
  • call a good friend
  • bring joy to somebody
  • engage in sports (boosting your happiness hormones)
  • have a picknick
  • go shopping
  • visit a cafe
  • attend a theater performance
  • participate in workshops and courses
  • attend lectures
  • repair objects (and combine it with visiting a repair cafe)
  • tidy up your room (your mind will calm down when there is less chaos around you :sn-37:)
  • visit a zoo
  • have a good sleep
  • attend events (e.g. in your city or a neighboring city)
  • draw and paint something
  • take a bath or shower
  • mediate
  • practice yoga, qi gong, tai chi or something similar
  • do mindfulness exercises
  • keep a gratitude journal

What activities do you do to feel better? Let the others know and write your suggestions down in the thread :sn-2:.
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Re: List of Feel Good Activities

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What a fantastic post!!!!! Excellent!!!! :sn-2: And often those things will lead to other activities and other good things!
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