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About the Neurodiversity hub

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The sections and their purpose:

Neurodiversity - General Discussion
Users have the possibility to talk about how they experience neurodiversity in everyday life and how they perceive it in the different kinds of media like social media, television, games or literature.
If you are not sure what neurodivergent condition suits you best, you can post in the General Discussion in the Neurodiversity subforum as well.

Specific Neurodivergent Sections
At the moment, we have sections for:
Autism, ADHD/ADD, Social Anxiety, High Sensitivity and OCD.

You can find a brief overview about each condition in the glossary of the neurodivergent hub.

Mental Health
Everyone is welcomed to ask for advice regarding their personal problems or problems of closed ones. Did someone tell you that you play too much or waste your time modding your precious game to the fullest? That you should go outside or meet your friends more often? Your worries are heard here.

Advice regarding sensible subjects:

If you are worried about addressing some sensible subjects, there's always the possibility to hide certain parts of your text to guests using the hide BBCode of the board. An example for sensible subjects and the usage of the hide BBCode is shown in this post.
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