Overview of the changes to the forum

Overview of the changes to the forum
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Overview of the changes to the forum

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I list here all changes since November 1, 2022, the day the forum went live. Furthermore, I include minor changes (which don't have their own topic) and changes which haven't been documented publicly before (like the second changes to the forum structure on Nov 11, 2022).


Jan 20:
  • minor change to the "show on side" layout of the Recent Topics section: added a small gap between the user avatar and the read/unread posts icons (they did overlap before)
  • integrated Simple mentions: how to use
Jan 23: Jan 27: Jan 29: Feb 1:
  • added shortcut links to the modding hub for easier navigation
Feb 2: Feb 6:
  • fixed the link to the tag cloud that displays all tags
  • finally fixed responsiveness of embedded YouTube videos on mobile devices, see tutorial
  • increased maximum height of embedded code (if the code is embedded with the [code][/code] BBCode)
Feb 24: Mar 9:
  • guests can take part in polls now
Apr 10: Apr 11: Apr 17:
  • I replaced the "Who is Online" list with the "Activity in the 24 hours"
  • The account that I created to test the social login via Steam is now the official test account of the board
Apr 19:
  • removal of the traditional forum ranks keeping only the special ranks like Site Admin or Moderator
  • The post counter is hidden in mini profile. If you want know how many posts a user did write, go to the full profile by clicking on the username.
Apr 21:
  • Altbert is our new moderator helping us out approving the guests posts before they are visible to the public, once the guest posting feature is enabled on May 6, 2023.
  • created hidden Training Area for moderators/admins
Apr 23: Apr 24: Apr 25:
  • decluttering the post formatting buttons bar
  • implementation of the quick access navigation bar at the very top of the board allow you a quicker access to the games you are interested in for example; extension: MegaMenu, Sticky Menu, Navbar for phpBB
Apr 30:
  • added Discord and Disqus to the social login
  • changes to the Recent Topics section: members can now control its position (top, side, left), the amount of displayed topics, the sorting order (by topic start time or by last post time), the option to display unread posts only and there's the possibility to disable this section completely. All settings can be found under User Control Panel > Board preferences > Edit display options.
May 6:
  • activation of anonymous guest posting in all subforums
May 7: May 31:
  • There's a Hot Topics section below Recent Topics now making finding significant threads easier.
Jul 1: Jul 6:
  • The "Hot Topics" section has been renamed to "Topic Spotlight" and I placed more emphasis on gaming related topics.
  • The new "Game Spotlight" section is right below Topic Spotlight giving certain game discussion sections more exposure
Jul 8/9:
  • added quick links to the subforums of each game in the Game Spotlight section (e.g. General Discussion or Mod Showcase)
  • the quick links in the [ Modding ] section open in the same tab now (e.g. "ᐅ The Elder Scrolls series") using the new url2 BBCode (test: open a link in a new tab, in the same tab)
Aug 23:
  • I set the maximum width of the middle part of the board to 1650 pixels (prior to that this part of the board was set to phpBB's default maximum width of 1152 pixels) and edited the header image accordingly
Sept 7: Sept 15:
changes to attachments and user galleries:
  • increased the file size limit from 0.7 MB to 1 MB
  • the maximum dimension of 1800 x 1800 pixels is suspended; images will be resized automatically
  • increased image limits in the user galleries:
    • Miscellaneous album: 20 images per user
    • Starfield - Public Gallery: 20 images per user
    • Personal user album: 50 images per user, unlimited number of subalbums

  • Nov 2: added Recent Topics section and the ability to thank a user for his or her post
  • Nov 3: (first) changes to the forum structure
  • Nov 5: New smilies created by pinwhalestock from pixabay.com
  • Nov 6:
  • Nov 10:
    • newly registered users can use BBCodes now (this was beginning of the end of restrictive "Newly registered users" group)
    • implementation of the non-public "Internal Discussion" section for discussing subjects related to the future of the forum. I ask you to not ask for access yourself. Who gets access should not be discussed publicly. The final decision is up to me alone (or future main administrators of this board). It's the first and (probably) last time I mention the internal discussion section publicly.
  • Nov 11:
    • (second) changes to the forum structure:
      I put the Neurodiversity sections below "Forum Related Stuff" and moved Skyrim to Bethesda Games. I removed the "Other Moddable Games" section and listed all moddable games categories (Bethesda Games, CD Projekt Red Games, BioWare Games) under the Neurodiversity sections. The Lounge stays at the bottom of the board index.
    • added the Jumpbox on Index extension
  • Nov 12:
  • Nov 13: automatically open links in new tabs
  • Nov 15:
  • Nov 16:
    • implementation of "gallery" and "gallery2" BBCode (a selection of attached images will be shown in a two column layout) and text alignment BBCode (options: left, right,center, justify)
    • fixed the search function of the board to allow more common words
  • Nov 17:
    • implementation of User Galleries and personal user albums
    • listed the user guide in the board index for an easier access (can be found in the Forum Related Stuff hub)
    • listed the User Galleries in the board index with an explanation how to add images to it
    • limited the number of images a user can upload to the Miscellaneous album and the personal user albums
  • Nov 18:
  • Nov 20:
  • Nov 23:
  • Nov 24: changed the forum description of Skyrim - General Discussion
  • changed the "Skyrim-LE" tag to "Skyrim Classic"
  • Dec 2, 2022:
    • first update of the forum software
    • changed the IP anonymization method to hash in order to see the amount of guests visiting the forum in the last 5 minutes/last 24 hours
    • various changes to the phpBB Gallery extension
  • Dec 4: added "hr", "indent", "floatl"/"floatr" and "box" BBCodes
  • Dec 5: added several beverage and food emojis
  • Dec 6:
  • Dec 8: various changes to the settings of the board trying to solve the "I'm logged out so quickly" issue which some members may experience
  • Dec 11:
  • Dec 13:
  • Dec 17: fixed layout of embedded YouTube videos on mobile devices
  • Dec 18: the strikethrough ("s") BBCode is displayed within a line instead of being forced on a new line; > replaced div with span inside the HTML replacement code of the BBCode:

    Code: Select all

    <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">{TEXT}</span>
  • Dec 19:
    • All image thumbnails with an width of 400 pixels or greater will open in light box on all mobile devices which have a screen width that is larger than 100 pixels. See first paragraph in this post.
    • Images that are embedded with the imgc BBCode will now display with the specified thumbnail width, provided the browser window is large enough. See second edit of this post.
    • added Inline Code BBCode ("c"); demo: inline code
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